Mission Statement

Our mission as in-house healthcare recruiters is to help physicians and advanced practice providers understand the many employment options that they have throughout the state of Indiana.


INSPR exists to provide an opportunity for in-house physician recruiters in the state of Indiana to network and collaborate on the challenges and potential for recruiting and retaining physicians and other medical professionals. The intent is to utilize INSPR as an outlet for educational opportunities and the ultimate goal to recruit and retain well qualified physicians in and to the state of Indiana.

Officers and Leadership

INSPR 2021 Executive Committee Members

  • President

    Amanda Haugh
    Franciscan Physician Network
    1040 Sierra Drive, Suite 1200
    Greenwood, IN 46142
  • Vice President

    Angela Trussel
    Community Health Network
    7240 Shadeland Station, Suite 300
    Indianapolis, IN 46256
  • Secretary

    Anesa Tokmo
    Community Health Network
    7240 Shadeland Station, Suite 300
    Indianapolis, IN 46256

INSPR 2021 Committees

  • Education

    Co-chair:- Angie Trussel
    Co-chair:- Anesa Tokmo
    Member:- Tanner Farmer
    Member:- Kris Yoder
  • Marketing

    Co-chair:- Bianca McKinney
    Co-chair:- Amanda Haugh
    Member:- Debbie Tucker
    Member:- Kaci Rivers
    Member:- Patti Crabtree
    Member:- Sydney Bussard
    Member:- Danielle Aschenbener
  • Membership

    Co-chair:- Amy Powell
    Co-chair:- Taylor Vetor
    Member:- Lauren Carrell
    Member:- Lori Lehe
  • Resource Committee

    Co-chair:- Terri Farmer
    Co-chair:- Taylor Anguiano
    Member:- Deidre Key
    Member:- Mitchell Sherwood